Handy Tips

Are you traveling with your pet? More and more travelers are taking their pets with them. Sometimes this can be cumbersome and questionable. Where do I stay? Are there going to be any problems? How are we going to find the most appropriate hotel that accept pets? This is very important information dealing with the above.

Traveling with pets

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Girlfriend Trips

When you travel in a group or a couple, you are more likely to enjoy some aspects of safety in numbers as we often times hear. Some countries are considered safer than others and since each ad every country have their own issues with crime, it is safer to travel in pairs of one, two or more. Emergency information 

Local & International Weather Conditions

Often times we hear of vacationers being trapped in some countries who do not have embassies or connections to the United States or United Kingdom.The below link is the most important link listed on this site. Regardless of the country you travel, and should there be an emergency, you will be able to contact the respective embassy for help and information  Get the address, phone number, and links to on-line tourist info for over 150 countries, PLUS all states of the US and provinces of Canada. Worldwide Travel Information

Luggage Requirements

Worth Repeating

Please do not walk around with large amounts of cash.

Be proactive and save yourself and family serious problems. It could lead to an altercation,  robbery, serious injury or worse.

Useful Travel Tips

Do your research on your intended destination

Pack your own light snack. Not all flights provide meals. Pack your own, it’s better and far cheaper.

  • Pack Wisely Travel lightly
  • Leave number and address with family and friends
  • Adequate supply of medication if warranted
  • Be patient while in queue.
  • Be observant
  • Fasten your seat belt when requested
  • Thank the flight crew
  • Watch your step