What time of the day or night is it over there at my destination? Sounds familiar?


World Time Zones Converter




Catching up, kicking back, hanging out, letting loose and sitting quietly by the river. Our guides, all less than half as old as Patty, lost a litheretle fear of aging and gained some new clothes; Patty and her friends lost a little fear of the wilderness and gained some new memories (and awesome tans!) Everyone signed up for Patty's 55th! Good woman talk  Girlfriend Trips


When you travel in a group or a couple, you are more likely to enjoy some aspects of safety in numbers as we often times hear. Some countries are considered safer than others and since each ad every country have their own issues with crime, it is safer to travel in pairs of one, two or more. Emergency information  Local & International Weather Conditions

Often times we hear of vacationers being trapped in some countries who do not have embassies or connections to the United States or United Kingdom. The below link is the most important link listed on this site. Regardless of the country you travel, and should there be an emergency, you will be able to contact the respective embassy for help and information  Get the address, phone number, and links to on-line tourist info for over 150 countries, PLUS all states of the US and provinces of Canada. Worldwide Travel Information



It is always interesting reading travel news and information from around the world from a British and European perspective. Get your information from one of the best and most  informative news sources. The (BBC) is still the best in many respects. Breaking News From A European Perspective


Planning a vacation or a business trip takes much work. You must decide where you want to stay each night, how you are going to get there, and how you are going to get from place to place once you are there. Unless you are driving, you must purchase plane tickets, often well in advance. Additionally, for vacation travel, you must plan what sites you are going to see and in what activities you are going to participate. This, too, may require that you purchase tickets well in advance.

Travel with your pets.Hot Dog!

Your Pets Safety:

Traveling with pets

There have been too many incidents of cats and dogs suffering from heat stroke after being left in a hot car.
Leave at least two windows (for cross ventilation) open slightly to provide fresh air.



Good Sam Travel Assist

Quite often, one hears of unfortunate stories about people traveling without adequate insurance. Be prepared for the unexpected when overseas.


Over 2000 locations in North America  and providing an excellent travel service for the insurance conscious traveler.


Good Sam provides Insurance form road side assistance, RV and other travel medical club rates.




Wiki Travel Guide


Worldwide Travel Information


When you least expect it.Be prepared. . Sleeping in Airports


We have seen travelers asked  to leave some of their personal articles behind because they were not aware of the weight requirements in place. This is very frustrating and stressful for some travelers.Luggage Requirements





Very Important Communication Link

 The Travel Insurance Center


Lonely planet Caribbean

  The Caribbean Islands



Please NOTE that the rules for getting to passenger gates haven't changed. Simply put, NO ticket, NO gate pass. So any emotional family reunions will have to take place outside of the metal detectors.

Have just enough cash on hand on arrival  
Currency Converter

But please do not walk around with large amounts.


Do your research on your intended destination

Pack your own light snack. Not all flights provide meals. Pack your own, it's better and far cheaper.
Pack Wisely Travel Lightly
Leave number and address with family and friends
Adequate supply of medication if warranted
Be patient while in queue.
Be observant
Fasten your seat belt when requested
Thank the flight crew
Watch your step
Tip Your Driver
Rent a car Friday to Monday because rental companies often offer weekend discounts.


Good affordable car rental rates at Booking .com


Procrastination does not pay. When planning a trip, book way ahead. Many discount fares require reservations 7-21 days in advance. For international fares, a 30-day advance purchase is often required.



Count your days. Mondays and Fridays are heavy business travel days. Try to schedule your trip for other days and with a Saturday night stay to ensure the lowest airfare and hotel rates.


Change airports. Be flexible regarding the airport your want to depart from or arrive at. Many large cities have smaller airports nearby which can sometimes yield savings and airports, can alert you of less expensive flights out of alternative airports.

Carefully read room descriptions. Sometimes hotels offer different rooms at similar prices. Details, such as breakfasts or newspapers included in the price, can make all the difference in the value you receive.